Let’s take a closer look at STM’s Dux Plus iPad Pro case. Available in black, blue and red, the dux plus is available for both 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pro's. From classroom and workplace to their everyday life, most people are afraid of dropping their precious iPad Pro and damaging it in the process. If you too belong to this league, this product of STM provides you the ideal solution. With its reinforced corners, patented magnetic closure and transparent back panel, the Dux Plus ensures protection of your iPad from accidental drops. If you still have any doubts, knowing that it’s tested to surpass United States DoD (Department of Defense) STD-810F/G durability tests would let you rest easy. You can even stop worrying about occasional spills or drips as the case comes with a sturdy polyurethane cover that’s water resistant.


This case of STM comes equipped with a rubberised bracket and super protective polycarbonate. Due to its clear, translucent back, you can easily display any decals that you want to stick to your iPad Pro’s back, thus customising your device. If you are not into these, you may simply let your precious device shine through. Thanks to the clear back of the case, you can even scan a barcode tag easily.


A favourite feature of many users is the side holder of the dux plus where the Pencil can sit unobtrusively. Thus, when you are carrying your iPad, you can keep your Pencil handy and safe, ready for use as and when required, which many users appreciate. It’s easy to remove the pencil from the holder and replace it after use (without the pencil falling out) adds to the popularity of this case.


Its patented magnetic closure is another feature which ensures your device can be opened, folded and closed easily, apart from being stable and securely held at a comfortable angle when you are viewing, reading or typing. With an instant on/off cover, you can switch on or switch off your iPad Pro instantly, thus saving precious battery life.


Instead of being too heavy or too clunky, the dux plus is a lightweight case (weighs 0.57 kg for 12.9” iPad Pro and 0.3326kg for 9.7” iPad Pro) that looks stylish and offers adequate protection to your iPad. No wonder users consider this case value for money.