The iPad Pro 3 or should I say, the iPad X?

This year Apple is expected to release the third generation of the iPad Pro, but many believe that the device might be called the iPad X. It seems highly unlikely, as 2020 will be the 10th anniversary since the iPad lineup has started. But why do people believe it is going to be called the iPad X?

The new display -- perhaps the most significant change in the iPad line-up

Recently, the new iOS 12 Developer Beta 5 was released and with it also comes a hidden Icon that hints towards the new display. It looks like an iPad with the display of the iPhone X. Don't worry, there appears to be no notch on the device, which is to be expected. The screen also comes with rounded corners. For those OLED maniacs -- there seem to be no signs of Apple including OLED displays for the iPad Pro 3. Since the tablet is used by many artists, this new display will be an excellent plus for creative users.

Where did the fingerprint scanner go?

There appears to be no home button, which makes us believe that it will feature the new FaceID technology. Some rumours suggest that it will only work in portrait mode, which we think is highly unlikely for Apple to do. Over the past months, the FaceID on the iPhone X has been improving significantly only through software updates. Since the sensors for FaceID are continuously running, the device needs more RAM to function. That requirement hints a little bit that we can be expecting a boost there. If we see a new, next-generation FaceID technology -- you might be looking at a much faster and more accurate FaceID than what is currently available with the iPhone X.

What performance to expect from the 2018 iPad?

The latest iPad is the smoothest and snappiest tablet that we have ever used. Apple seems to believe that this is still not enough, as there have been some leaked Geekbenche scores from unknown Apple devices. The iPad Pro 3 is expected to be 10% to 20% faster than the previous generation. As with every year, some improvement in battery performance will also be noted thanks to the new core.

When is the iPad Pro 3 release date?

It was first speculated that its release was meant to happen in March, then during WWDC and now, finally, September. The exact release date is not confirmed, but we are expecting it to be most likely at the same event as the upcoming iPhone releases in September. Apple has confirmed none of the rumours so far, which lets us only speculate on what kind of surprises have they developed for us this year.