Another image of a Heckler Design iPad stand


Heckler Design WindFall Stand Prime for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7 Inch


Let’s take a closer look at one of its much loved product - WindFall Stand Prime for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7 Inch. This product comes with a secure Stand together with card reader bracket and PivotTable. While the device’s stylish design exudes strength, it also preserves the iPad’s slim profile successfully. Some other notable features of the product are:


Card Reader Bracket: Forget a cheap iPad stand or an old-fashioned point-of-sale hardware for your store as this best-in-class card reader is here to take care of the high traffic that your business attracts. With it, you are now ready to experience the ultimate point-of-sale experience while keeping your receipt printer and cash drawer aside. This card reader bracket supports MiniMag II, SecureMag, and Dynamag, thus making it safe for use. Even when you don’t use its included card reader bracket, you will find that WindFall Stand Prime is compatible with scores of the most popular Lightning connector card readers and audio ports.

 An image of a Heckler Design iPad stand

Security without compromising on functionality: The patented tablet brackets of Heckler Design capture your iPad's corners securely with heavy steel together with securing card reader cables and lightning cables. But if you thought that superior security means compromising on functionality, think again. Every button, camera, switch, port and speaker of your WindFall Stand Prime is made to stay accessible and functional. You also have the freedom to use your iOS’s Guided Access feature to restrict the Home button’s functionality as well as that of some other iPad features, if you want to.


Flexible yet robust mounting options: This Stand Prime includes a PivotTable, which is considered its versatile mounting accessory. To secure it down to your countertop, you just need to use the double-sided adhesive disc. If you want to allow free movement for the Stand, you should use the single-sided adhesive. For easy swivelling, you can set the PivotTable in the centre hole. In case you want the Stand to reach out to your customers, install it in the pivot-and-slide slot instead. For an added layer of security, you can use a ClickSafe Cable Lock (sold separately) to secure the PivotTable or bottom of the Stand.


By blending secure and strong construction with svelte aesthetics, WindFall Stand Prime for iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7 inch helps mount your device at the ideal angle for POS use.