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Let’s take a closer look at the Gripcase iPad Air 2 case. Weighing just 0.2 kg, this lightweight Gripcase product made of proprietary EVA foam polymer is shock absorbent, fade and UVA resistant, abrasion resistant and washable along with being mildew and germ resistant. Compatible with both iPad Air 1 and Air 2, the design of this patented Gripcase aims to meet the complete tablet protection requirements of teachers, students, parents and anyone else who needs a sturdy protective cover for their device.

Improved tablet ergonomics is the key feature of Gripcase. With its patented 4-handle design and 3600 degree raised bumper, this case makes it easy to hold or carry your iPad around, especially for kids who need to wrap their hands all the way around. Even adults will find the ergonomic handles on all sides giving them complete confidence and control when using their iPad.

In case of accidental drops, the raised bumper will prevent the screen from coming in touch with the ground. Apart from a considerable difference between the display and the edge of the rail, there are crush zone corners in this iPad case that absorb energy due to accidental falls or sudden impacts and direct it away from your precious device.

The slim and lightweight design of this Gripcase makes it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. Instructors and teachers in primary and secondary school classrooms can use its ergonomic handles for easy demonstrations while having peace of mind that the foam bumpers and handles will help students grip the device safely and not damage it. If you have been searching for an iPad case for kids with a great amount of grip then look no further. University and school students rushing through crowds between classes will have less to worry about breaking or dropping their iPads when they have encased their devices in Gripcase. In case you are a hiker or photographer enjoying the outdoors or a sports fan at the stadium, taking your iPad along encased in this case would no longer be a cause of concern as you will know you have given your device a great deal of protection offered by a renowned company.

If you have been looking for an iPad case that offers control, convenience and protection for your device your search ends at the Gripcase iPad Air 2 case.