On Oct. 30th, Apple held a special keynote in the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House, revealing several new devices. Among those was the highly anticipated iPad Pro, with which Apple once again made history.

The iPad: Light years ahead of the competition

Coming with a stunningly smooth display and the unbelievably powerful A12X Bionic chip, the new iPad Pro is just unmatched in every aspect of the tablet experience. But that just scratches the surface. This shouldn't be a surprise to you, as Apple has been the leader of the tablet market for years, both for personal and professional use.


There are many reasons that make the iPads more appealing than other tablets on the market. For example, applications for Android-powered devices of such size are usually optimised to work mostly on phones. A huge percentage of the Google Play Store apps just look and feel horrible on a tablet. Moreover, Apple products are known for maintaining their value, the longest of all competitors on the market.


Many would say this is due to the long product support that Apple device owners get. This year, the company released iOS 12 which is available for devices back to the iPhone 5s (released 5 years ago) -- bringing a major boost in performance and overall better battery life. A year focused almost entirely on optimisation and clean-up, rather than adding more features that clutter the OS and slow it down. To top this off, once an update is released, all devices can immediately acquire the latest version. With Android devices, you need to wait a lot of time before the new software reaches you -- if it even does.


Many companies are turning to Apple products to support their operations. There are a lot of professional apps for iPads that are simply not available or not optimised for Android tablets. Moreover, the uniformity among different platform and their interconnectedness just make the whole experience much more convenient for the professional. To support and endorse enterprises to utilise Apple products, the company offers special discount programs.


The A12X Bionic: More than a tamed beast


One of the most notable changes, besides the change to a USB-C instead of lightning, is the new chipset. The A12B was the first 7nm processor to be available globally on a smartphone, and the A12X Bionic is the first 7nm processor to be available globally on a tablet. And let me tell you this -- the results are more than stunning:


This powerhouse packs over 10 billion transistors and features 8 CPUs, 7 GPUs, as well as Apple's cutting-edge neural processing technology -- the Neural Engine. It has four big Vortex and four high-efficiency Tempest CPUs with the capability to utilise them all simultaneously. There are several other components, such as the Secure Enclave, an IMC, an ISP, and a storage controller, among others.


The changes to the A12X have given the new iPads 35% better single core performance and over 90% increase in multi-core performance, beating most laptops available on the market. Apple themselves compared the graphics of the new device to that of the Xbox One S, but in a much thinner and lighter body than ever -- only 5.9mm. To be more precise, the 2018 iPad Pro beats more than 90% of the laptops on the market. Don't believe me? Have a look at the Geekbench of the $2000 13-inch Quad Core MacBook Pro from this year:


Source: (https://browser.geekbench.com/macs/433)


This much power has finally enabled the iPads to easily run heavy software, such as the Photoshop Engine -- something that has been previously exclusive to laptops. It also fuels the advancements in AR technology, such as Adobe's new AR app -- Project Aero. This much power also enables the iPad to stream simultaneously to four 4K Monitors. To be able to do this and fully utilise the tablet, Apple has switched from lightning to USB-C.

120Hz Liquid Retina Display - experience beyond addictiveness

This year's iPad Pro brings the biggest design change that the iPad line-up has seen since its inception. Instead of the rounded corner, we are familiar with, this year's model comes with sharp ones -- more like the iPhone SE. It features stereo speakers and is, in my opinion, louder than most laptops on the market. If you're all about the audio, you should keep in mind that the larger model has a better and louder audio output.


When it comes to the display, the new iPad Pro features the same edge-to-edge Liquid Retina technology we see utilised in the iPhone XR. Both the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch models come with 264 PPI display, calibrated by Apple. It is truly one of the most accurate displays you can find on a mobile device right now, making it suitable for creative professionals. But the best part is its 120 Hz refresh rate. You thought your iPhone feels fluid? The new iPad reacts immediately to your touch, making the buttery-smooth experience not only addictive, but also perception-changing. It honestly makes my iPhone XS feel slow.


The ultimate multimedia device... But is it for you?


The iPad Pro is the best, most polished tablet out on the market and that is probably not going to change for quite some time. But packing so many premium features comes with a cost, that not everyone is ready to pay.


If you're a creative professional, need something light to travel and work with, a highly portable machine capable of video editing, or you're just looking to get your hand on the best tech -- the 2018 iPad pro is definitely the way to go.