The trends nowadays have become mobility and big data, and the construction industry isn't an exception. You probably have at least a friend or family member with an iPad, but have you ever thought what its implications might be in the construction industry? According to the technology director at a large well known construction company, the iPad not only saves the company millions of dollars annually, but it also reduces working time by 55,000 hours per year.

The all-in-one tool

The iPad has become an irreplaceable part of many construction workers’ and firms’ operations around the world. The two areas of construction work in which Apple's tablet shines the most are managing paperwork and keeping all employees up to date with the latest plans and notes.

Construction project managers are often burdened with a lot of tasks that involve tons of paperwork, answering questions regarding deliveries, making sure that everyone is up to date with the latest plan, and the list goes on. The iPad provides real-time data which can easily shorten the time and effort needed for the completion of these tasks, all while enhancing the security and accuracy with which you work.

If you are a construction worker then maybe you have sometimes felt like you've carried a lot of tools with you. Just think about how many of those an iPad replaces -- your notebook, blueprints, camera, etc. The iPad can replace all of those and much more. Imagine if you need to Google something, or view your email? With the iPad, you don't have to use your phone and get to a computer or a place with WiFi -- it is all at the tip of your fingers.

According to a recent report by Business Insider, Rogers-O'Brien, a Texas-based construction company, the use of iPads has saved the firm about $1.8 million annually. The device is that good at empowering construction work thanks to its ability to provide critical data in real-time.


iOS is made to be intuitive and easy to use, making the overall iPad experience seamless for everyone. Moreover, the iOS App Store is full of applications that take full advantage of some of the latest iPad features. Sketching and drawing apps can make it very easy to try out ideas on the spot and see how they might look like in real life.

With Apple focused on Augmented Reality, it is only a matter of time before such applications start being a part of the construction worker's life. A great example is a recent addition to iOS 12, the Measure app. It allows you to easily use your iPad's or iPhone's camera to get the rough dimensions on any object. Neat, right?

To top everything off, you wouldn't have to worry about battery life. iPads easily last throughout the whole workday, if not even more. With all the recent battery technology advancements, it is just a matter of time until we start seeing iPads that charge very quickly and last days easily with a single charge.